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Hedron Black Guardian Pendant

$ 262.00

Hedron Black Guardian Pendant is a source of oscillating, beneficial healing frequencies that function to transmute environmental insults back into the base state of carbon in order to . . . 

- Protect against exposures to EMF
- Aid in reducing the occurrence of mold
- Help reduce or neutralize organic off-gassing
- Balance oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide intake
- Provide anti herbicide and anti-pesticide protection
- Promote mental health
- Boost cellular regeneration
- Align meridian energy flow patterns
- Support microbial and soil health

Healthy cells have a specific geometric shape and oscillate at different wavelengths of frequencies to establish homeostasis. Our cells synergy of matrices give us a unique energetic ‘fingerprint’ that can be enhanced through the right combination of frequencies.

The Hedron Black Guardian Pendant was specifically designed to assist in supporting optimal cell shape for a higher level of repair and regeneration, in the human body. Its pure crystalline composition is programmed with the earth’s vibrational frequency (the Schumann Resonance) and with the same radionics (DC current) found in all of nature.

This remarkable pendant extends and protects the human biofield (our first line of defense) against a sea of unnatural and invasive frequencies that cause cellular disruption. 

*Due to the delicate nature of this hand-made crystal, we do not offer any refunds or warranties.

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**Because of the nature of this delicate hand made product, there are no refunds or warranties.

How do the Guardians work?

Composed of a harmonious blend of minerals and elements, its crystal structure resonates deeply with the intricate cellular network within the human body. Through the phenomenon of piezoelectricity, and the principles of radionics this crystal emits energy vibrations and frequencies that seamlessly harmonize with the body's natural rhythms, effectively aligning and balancing its energy centers.

As these frequencies intertwine with the body's own energetic field, they facilitate a transformative process, gently guiding the body to resonate at its optimal frequency. This resonance not only enhances the body's ability to adapt to external stressors but also aids in transmuting negative energies into positive ones. 

Hedron Guardian's unique properties act as a conduit for the spinning forces of nature, catalyzing a harmonious dance of energy that uplifts and revitalizes the body, mind, and spirit. In essence, it serves as a guardian of balance and alignment, fostering a state of holistic well-being and vitality.

Protection Against Harmful Frequencies:

Guardians are designed to shield the body from debilitating frequencies carried by geomagnetic and magnetic lines. These frequencies, often emitted by hidden chemicals and pesticides, are believed to cause significant health issues including cancers, MS symptoms, and organ deterioration.

Strengthening the Aura:

The human body, being an electrical system, is surrounded by an aura that can protect against harmful microbes if it is healthy. Guardians aim to strengthen this aura, enhancing the body's natural defense system against disease-carrying frequencies.

Nutritional Support at the Cellular Level:

By combining elements like vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, and oxygen, and programming these with energies akin to the sun and moon, Guardians help charge and de-calcify the pineal gland. This supports better nutrient absorption and waste elimination at the cellular level, fostering better overall health.

Emotional and Psychological Health:

These crystals also offer frequencies that help erase harsh or traumatic memories, which can impede emotional well-being and personal progress. By clearing these negative memories, Guardians help individuals move forward more positively, enhancing emotional resilience and contributing to better sleep and a healthier outlook on life.


New frequencies added to the Guardians can remove harmful substances like mercury from the body. This mercury can come from various environmental sources, including industrial emissions and poor lighting conditions that impair blood oxygen levels. By reducing these toxins, Guardians contribute to improved physiological health.

Harmonization and Vibrational Support:

The pure crystals from Germany used in Guardians are meant to allow cells to "vibrate and harmonize" as they naturally should, counteracting the frequencies that cause disease. This leads to a state where the body's own systems can function more effectively in their natural rhythm.

Radionics is a concept utilized by Hedron Life Source in programming their Guardian crystals to emit specific frequencies aimed at enhancing well-being and protecting against harmful environmental energies. The idea behind radionics in this context involves using a device or setup that can tune into and manipulate the energy frequencies of objects or living beings, regardless of distance. This is said to be achieved through a combination of geometric shapes and specific settings that align with the natural energies of the sun and moon, among others.

The Guardians, are programmed using this radionics approach. They are infused with specific frequencies that are intended to resonate with the body’s natural rhythms and the Earth’s vibrational frequency, known as the Schumann Resonance. This programming process is carefully done using direct current (DC), which is considered to be the natural form of electrical current found in nature.

What Makes them Different?

Each guardian is programed with unique frequencies. Use this guide to choose the one that best suits your needs.

This pendant is especially beneficial for those looking to protect their physical and mental health from EMF exposures, reduce mold, and neutralize harmful gases. Its ability to promote cellular regeneration and align energy flows makes it ideal for individuals seeking an enhanced healing environment and overall wellness.

Depending on your environmental needs, the Green and Blue Guardians serve different purposes. The Green variant is designed to enhance agricultural areas, making it perfect for gardeners or farmers who wish to promote plant health and growth naturally. In contrast, the Blue Guardian is tailored for urban settings, and is best for city apartments or office buildings.

The Black Guardian Pendant utilizes a unique blend of frequencies that harmonize with the body’s energy systems, enhancing the body's ability to adapt and heal. This includes protection from EMF, improvement of air quality by reducing harmful gasses, and support for mental health. Its properties are particularly effective in enhancing the energy flow within the body, promoting cellular health, and improving soil and microbial conditions around you.

The iResonate Crystal is an ideal choice for those seeking comprehensive protection. This high-grade, lead-free crystal is designed to be worn continuously, providing a protection radius that varies with the wearer's size. It helps in harmonizing bodily frequencies, which supports overall physical, emotional, and nutritional well-being. Additionally, it is programmed with energies akin to the sun and moon, enhancing its ability to promote a healthier aura and mitigate disease-causing frequencies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I place it in my home?

You should place the Guardian near the center of your house or apartment.

Are the Guardians waterproof?

Yes, they are 100% waterproof.

Can they be left outside?

Yes, it is perfectly fine to leave them outside.

Do they have to be grounded?

No, they do not have to be grounded like Hedrons Pendant and Body Shield.

Do they protect you from EMF's?

The Blue/Green do not have the EMF protection frequency. The Gold and Black do have a EMF blocking frequency. However, we do not reccomend relying on it as your sole EMF protection device.

Do I need additional protection from EMF's if I have the Guardian?

Even if you have the Black Guardian, Hedron's EMF protection products like the Home Harmonizer and Pendant are still essential for optimal protection. While the Black Guardian does offer a small amount of EMF protection, it is primarily designed for other purposes. For comprehensive shielding against EMFs, we recommend using the Home Harmonizer for your living space and the Pendant for personal use.