About Us

Founders Dr. Ida Allen, DC and Dr. Jerod Bergman, DC have been working with patients worldwide and educating the public on eliminating the root cause of the problems associated with human sufferings and not the symptoms alone for nearly two decades.

When they began discovering the overwhelming negative effects that EMF has on the human body, especially children, they set off to find a product that they could trust for themselves, their children, and their patients. Unfortunately, after testing nearly every product on the market, they were unsatisfied with the results. So they set off to create their own. One that they could trust to protect their own family and one that they knew could help humanity as a whole. 

Together, with a team of Doctors, Scientists, Geophysicists, and Natural Health Practitioners, they created the Hedron EMF Shield for Cellphones using a patent pending blend of minerals and crystals plus Scalar technology. This same patent pending composition is the basis behind the full line of Hedron EMF protection products. 

Their team of Geophysicists, Doctors, Natural Health Practitioners, and most importantly PARENTS who care about their children, are working tirelessly to bring the guarded message of EMF and its detriments to the world. With the bombardment of wifi into educational systems, many children are experiencing an increase in EMF caused symptoms and don't know why. Hedron Life Source is dedicated to forwarding this important message along with ways to guard and avoid the harm.

Hedron Life Source sincerely thanks all positive minded people around the world for their association with them and assures their loyal customer base that they will continue to work on releasing more products that enhance the human potential on every level. If each of us does our part to help bring the much needed information on EMF, Geopathic Stress, and Electro Smog to our clients, neighbors, family, and friends, we as a human race will continue to thrive!