Hedron is here to help! Below you will find commonly asked questions. If you don't see an answer to your question email us at: support@hedronlifesource.com

Why Do I need to ground my Hedron Pendant and Body Shield?

The Hedron Body Shield and Pendant contain an additional mineral called Shungite. Our rare Russian Shungite is the portion that aids your personal Biofield and overall health. This is also the portion of our proprietary blend that works most efficiently when grounded periodically. If, however, you NEVER grounded your device, it would still provide the EMF harmonization. But extra benefits are added when grounded.

My body shield (or pendant) accidentally ended up in the wash, is it ruined?

No, It is not ruined. As long as it is not leaking any powder or fluid, it is still working optimally. We have tested this several times as it happens quite often. Although they are not waterproof, they are very water resistant.

How long the Hedron Products last?

They are designed to last the entire length of your devices life (10+ years). We also have a 1 year warranty on all of our products.

How do I ground my Hedron Pendant or Body Shield?

Simply place your Hedron device on the Earth's surface (grassy area or near a tree away from power lines is optimal) for a minimum of 5 minutes at least once per month. Doing so longer or more often will not cause any harm as many of our experts ground theirs as often as once per week or more depending on their level of EMI (Electromagnetic Interference) and their specific body's sensitivities. Listen to your body! If you live in a cold climate, there is no need to worry! The Earth's energy conducts perfectly through ice and snow.

Why Choose Hedron?

The Hedron EMF Shield is the only gadget of its kind in the world which addresses both EMF and HEATING problems simultaneously by adopting a unique and proven Mineral Technology and SCALAR TECHNOLOGY, thereby addressing the issue at its entirety. Truly the first of its kind in the world because no other similar gadget in the world addresses the Heat Radiation problem. While many similar Gadgets end up Jamming incoming calls and affect the tonal quality, The Hedron EMF Shield does not jam the calls and affect the tonal quality in any way.

Do all phones only need one cell phone shield?

One 5G elite shield per device will effectively harmonize all aberrant EMF.

More FAQ

Q: Can I use it on the cell phone shield on the outside of my device case?

A: Yes, if you have our new 5G Elite Cell Shield it is just as effective whether placed on the phone or the case. If you have our original cell shield, it can still be used on the outside of the case although we recommend placing it as close to your actual device as possible for maximum effectiveness. Directly on the device will ensure the best results.

Q: Do all phones only need one cell phone shield?

A: If you have our new 5G elite shield, one cell phone shield will effectively harmonize all aberrant EMF. If you have our original cell shield, some of the newer phones will require two shields to effectively harmonize the EMF.

Q: Can I remove it from one device and re-stick it onto another?

A: Yes, although we don’t recommend it. It is best to keep it on the original device for maximum effectiveness.

Q: How does it actually work?

A: Our Hedron Cell Shield is the only device of its kind in the world which addresses both EMF and HEATING problems simultaneously by adopting a unique and proven Mineral and SCALAR TECHNOLOGY. While many similar EMF shields or ‘protectors’ end up jamming incoming calls and affect the tonal quality, the Hedron Cell Shield does not.
It is 'impregnated' with a frequency called Scalar energy, which matches the earth's beneficial frequency of 7.83 Hz. This frequency is also called Schumann's Resonance, a highly beneficial frequency. Thus, using the shield has the capacity to physically and mentally enhance a person's BioField and physical body/organ systems.
The Hedron Body Shield and the Hedron Pendant also contain the same wonderful SCALAR TECH that the Hedron Cell Shield does, but it has the additional benefit of Shungite, an ancient premium mineral known to further enhance the human BioField when worn on the body.

Q: How do I know it is working?

A: The Hedron Shields are not only backed by credible test reports, but our testimonials speak for themselves! Normally people feel a difference right away and they are able to appreciate the reduction in the heating of the ears and head, as well as better sleep after only one use.
We would also like refer you to an excellent place to find additional videos, studies, and information on how and why your new Hedron EMF Harmonizer is enhancing your overall health. You can find those right on our home page.

Q: What is the main technology behind both the EMF Device Shield and the Body Shield? Which one is more effective? Does having the Body Shield always on me remove the need for a separate EMF Cell Phone Device?

A: The Hedron Body Shields are specifically formulated to have ON the body, where the Hedron Cell Phone/Electronic Device Shield is specifically formulated to have ON an electronic device. When adhered to a cell phone or other EMF emitting device, the harmful frequency is harmonized to beneficial on the body. One of our favorite studies that was performed on the Hedron for cell phone was the Kirlian Photography study showing before the person used the cell phone and what ranges the organs were in (many already out of range). When the person then used the cell phone without a Hedron, almost all organs went out of range. After placing the Hedron and using the phone again, ALL organs went back into a healthy range. This showed that using a cell phone with a Hedron not only shifted the harmful radiation, but actually made all other previously weak organs strong again. Basically we are stronger with the cell phone and Hedron then without a cell phone at all. You can find more on that study HERE: https://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0963/0688/files/All_organs_study_clinical_report.pdf?9021939038575414930
The Shungite mineral is only found in the Body Shield because it resonates with the human body. Having a body shield always on your body will create a more efficient BioField, especially over time. However, we always strongly recommend using the cell phone shield as well due to the extreme detriment on a healing BioField when using it.

Q: What is the effective ingredient in the Hedron EMF Device Shield that makes it work?

A: This is a unique and proprietary combination of 12 minerals/crystals working in harmony to create the harmonizing field, in addition to the patented impregnation of the 7.83 Hz into the crystalline portion of the combination.

Q: What is the difference between other scalar technology (ex. pendant form) and the Hedron EMF Device Shield and Body Shield?

A: Scalar energy is very complicated unfortunately. Our company has tested MANY of these different devices and so far have yet to find one that actually harmonizes along with the body. It is not enough for a pendant or other device to shield or harmonize radiation on its own. It must also work along with the body and BioField. Which is exactly what the Hedron Shields do.

Q: Will the The Hedron EMF Shield chip affect the signal strength of Cellphone?

A: No! The The Hedron EMF Shield chip will not affect the signal strength of the mobile phone in any way.

Q:I have been a heavy user of mobile phone for years and I feel fine, why should I feel concerned?

A: It has been reported in scientific papers and accepted by Doctors world widethat continuous exposure to EMF emitted from Cell phones adversely affect health and may significantly increase the risk of cancer. Therefore, even though you may feel fine, it is no guarantee that you are safe. It is up to you to decide prudently on whether to use The Hedron EMF Shield or not.

Q: What is the life time of the The Hedron EMF Shield cell chip?

A: The Hedron EMF Shield cell chip is designed to last for the life time of your mobile phones.

Q: What if I don't use The Hedron EMF Shield ?

A: It is one’s prerogative to decide whether to protect or not , their ears and brain from the possibility of a Cancer due to continued use of Mobile phones, as already proved and published world over by scientists, doctors and researchers. Whether one believes or not the damage is happening and there are many symptoms experienced by long time Mobile users now in India. Therefore it is only prudent that one is sensible to the realities and get into the damage control measures.

Q: What if one does not believe in EMF or Mobile phone radiation or heating?

A: We can only pity them as they have failed to take note of the 1000s of articles published every day in internet and print media about the dangers of using a Mobile Phone continuously, especially the irreparable damage it can cause to the ears and brains of the children who use Mobile Phone for longer duration. So for the sake of their children at least one should be sensible enough to understand the realities.

Q: What products need to be grounded?

A: It is recommended that you ground the body shield, home harmonizer, and the pendant.

Q: If we are using a magnetic cell phone holder in the car and we keep the magnet on the back of the phone, will it interfere with the Hedron’s protection?

A: The strength of the magnet will not cause any interference at all with the Scalar Technology in the Hedron devices

Q: I placed the device on the back of my phone (but my cell phone has a protective cover over it). Will the cover impact the harmonization ability of the device at all?

A: If you have our new 5G Elite Cell Shield it is just as effective whether placed on the phone or the case. If you have our original cell shield, because most of our testing was done with the Hedron device directly on the phone, we can only guarantee the full 99% harmonization when it is directly on the phone. I will say though that most of the covers tested are still getting at least 80+% harmonization. It depends on what the cover is made out of. If there is any metal in it at all, it will hinder the performance.