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Clavis Magnetic Energetic Bracelet

Clavis Magnetic Energetic Bracelet

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Innovative Magnetic Technology: Incorporating a blend of permanent magnetic chips crafted from natural minerals, our magnetic bracelets and necklaces utilize innovative technology. These magnets are thoughtfully positioned to amplify their magnetic field and harness their inherent pain relief properties. 

Magnets can help to raise body temperature by affecting blood flow and alleviate muscle discomfort.

The power chip within the Clavis Energetic Bracelet contains neodymium, a rare earth element known as "a highly scarce metal in nature." Utilizing this permanent magnet, the Clavis Energetic Bracelet emits magnetic energy continuously.

According to a study conducted by KCI, it has been confirmed that intense pulse field stimulation can induce an increase in body temperature by influencing blood flow in peripheral blood vessels.

Furthermore, research has demonstrated the effectiveness of magnetic fields in recovering from muscle fatigue and easing muscle soreness.

Bid Farewell to Pain: Designed for effectiveness, this magnetic bracelet employs magnet therapy to alleviate muscle and joint discomfort, aches, soreness, and fatigue. Additionally, they may promote relaxation, encourage healthy circulation, and enhance sleep quality.

Trendy Aesthetics: Our magnetic therapy bracelet and necklace boast eye-catching designs, lightweight construction, and utmost comfort. The adjustable strap ensures a superb fit around the wrist, catering to both men and women. 

Versatile for All: With its stylish appeal and natural pain relief benefits, this magnet bracelet is suitable for a diverse range of users. Whether it's worn as a fashion statement by young individuals or utilized by adults and seniors grappling with joint and muscle discomfort, athletes, or sports enthusiasts, it caters to everyone's needs.

Craftsmanship from Korea: These magnetic bracelets and necklaces are meticulously handcrafted in Korea, utilizing cutting-edge manufacturing techniques and premium materials. Each piece is carefully detailed, featuring strategically positioned magnets for maximum benefit, along with exceptional craftsmanship for an added touch of elegance and sophistication.

Size : L 568mm x W 2mm
Magnetic Power Chips : 1.2mm x 135-145ea

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