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* NEW * Black Guardian

* NEW * Black Guardian

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*Guardians may take up to two weeks for delivery as these handmade crystals are special order. 

This Guardian is a unique balancing of frequencies. The frequencies used are found to be healing with an incredible transference of energy. One of its main functions is to transmute environmental insults into carbon via the frequencies involved.

These Frequencies Help With:

  • Reducing occurrence of mold,
  • Reducing harmful organic off gassing,
  • Emf protection frequencies,
  • Anti-herbicide/pesticide frequencies,
  • Increased microbial health of plants and soil,
  • Carbon sequestering frequencies,
  • Frequencies for increasing/balancing oxygen, nitrogen, ect.
  • Several Light frequencies used cellular regeneration and healing,
  • Frequencies to promote mental health especially when held in hands for short periods of time (example 5-10 minutes with nasal breathing).

More Benefits include:

  • Plant life enhancement,
  • Neutralizing off gassing from potential hazards manmade and natural
  • Vibrational healing frequencies for the bio-field
  • Healing acceleration
  • Energetic balancing
  • Alignment for increased Meridian energy flow.  

The Black Guardian Explained:
Imagine your body as a well-tuned musical instrument. Now, with all the man-made frequencies and disturbances around us, this instrument is constantly getting out of tune. The Black Guardian is like a skilled musician that helps to tune this instrument back to its ideal state.

1. Purpose:

- The Black Guardian helps your cells regain their optimal shape and energy, which means better repair and regeneration for your body.

2. Composition:

- It's made of a special crystal that's free from harmful metals. 

- This crystal can be programmed with a specific kind of energy called Radionics.

3. How it works:

- Just like nature uses a direct current (DC) for its processes, the Black Guardian is also programmed using this DC energy.

- It combats harmful frequencies in your home, increases oxygen and hydrogen levels, gets rid of mold, and boosts plant growth.

4. Body Connection:

- Our body's tissues and fluids have a crystal-like structure when observed under powerful microscopes.

- These structures can produce energy (like piezoelectricity) when subjected to forces or different frequencies.

5. Natural Forces:

- There's a unique spinning force in nature that affects everything, including cells. This spinning creates a special kind of energy, EMGO, which affects our body's energy fields.

- This spin and energy interact with the crystal-like structures in our body, producing various beneficial effects, especially when they're in sync.

6. Cosmic Connection:

- Our body's energy spin is related to the cosmic spin, which carries important information that our body can interpret.

- Schumann resonance is a natural frequency of the Earth. Without it, our brain and heart rhythms get disturbed. This frequency is so vital that astronauts when away from Earth, begin to feel its absence in just an hour.

  7. Biofield:

- Think of the Biofield as an invisible shield or antenna around us. It not only protects us but also connects us with our surroundings on a deeper, intuitive level.

- This field helps us sense things beyond our regular senses, like a sixth sense. It's our body's first line of defense, and strengthening it is crucial for our well-being.

So, in essence, the Black Guardian acts like a protector and enhancer for our body's natural rhythms, energy fields, and connection with the cosmos. By using it, we can better harmonize with the world around us and support our body's healing and regeneration processes.

Want to know exactly how it works? Let's break it down:

The Black Guardian supports optimal cell shape and energy in your body, aiding in repair and regeneration. Crafted from pure crystal with zero heavy metals, it can be programmed with Radionics for personalized benefits. Programmed with DC current, mirroring nature's energy patterns. Reduces harmful man-made frequencies in your living space, increases oxygen and hydrogen levels, and helps combat molds.  Extends your biofield by 6+ feet, enhancing your energetic protection.

But here's where it gets fascinating:  Living tissues and fluids have a crystalline structure, exhibiting pesioelectricity under force and EMGO.  The dynamic spin within your body interacts with scalar energetics, electromagnetic activity, gravitational force, and more, creating an electromagnetogravitational oscillation (EMGO).  This constant oscillation emits plasmic, photonic, thermal radiation, magnetic fields, and electric energies, connecting you to the world on conscious and subconscious levels.  Schumann resonance frequencies, akin to Earth's heartbeat, play a crucial role in maintaining your focus and well-being. 

Your Biofield is your (extra)sensory system, like an antenna receiving and transmitting information, providing intuition and awareness. Strengthen your Biofield, strengthen your connection to the world! 

Our Most Commonly Asked Question: How does the Black Guardian differ from the original Guardian? 

The Black Guardians have different frequencies that are proprietary to this specific Guardian however, the range of effectiveness is also much larger.

The small reaches as far as 80 acres and the large is 1000 acres.

The signal power is increased due to the number and type of frequencies. Some of the frequencies such as reducing the occurrence of mold, reducing harmful organic off-gassing, emf protection frequencies, anti-herbicide/pesticide frequencies, increased microbial health of plants and soil, carbon sequestering frequencies, frequencies for increasing/balancing oxygen, nitrogen, etc… several Light frequencies used cellular regeneration and healing, frequencies to promote mental health especially when held in hands for short periods of time (example 5-10 minutes with nasal breathing).

The Guardian can now be placed outside the home!

Placement is recommended in an open area outside near a door of a home or other building. 


    While this Guardian is labeled as a Black Guardian, it is actually a very deep shade of purple and in the light you may see hints of that purple. 


    Click Here for an in-depth explanation on exactly how and why the Guardian works!


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