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Hedron Life Source

iResonate Crystal

iResonate Crystal

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The iResonate Crystal is Currently a "LIMITED STOCK" Item meaning we only carry so many in stock at a time. If the specific color you want is not available we will give you the option of an in stock color or awaiting the special order of the color you are wanting. Special order items may take 14-18 days.

Individually Hand Made in Canada

**Limited Number Available**

The iResonate Crystal is designed to be worn for 24/7 on the go protection. 

Designed 100% PURE RARE highest grade crystal with zero lead.

Our new Hedron iResonate Crystal comes cord/chain free. This is simply to keep the price point lower while allowing our customers to have a choice in the length, style, and material of cord that they would like. With the use of radionics, there are no limits or interference with materials. Whether you prefer a chain, a silicone cord, or our most recommended would be a simple cloth/silk ribbon, the choice is yours! 

For children under the age of five and pets, the protection radius us roughly 4 feet. For the average adult the protection radius us about 6 feet. The protection radius depends more on the size of the person it is resonating than the crystal itself. 

Hidden chemicals and pesticides around us have debilitating frequencies that enter the body and home by being carried by geomagnetic and magnetic lines; these invisible frequencies are creating physical problems for life on this planet.

Of everything that enters the body, the only things that remain for the long-term are the frequencies. The quality of these frequencies determines health or sickness.

The human body is an electrical device, we all have a measurable aura surrounding us, if the aura is healthy, the bad bacteria will be destroyed before it enters the body. However, the majority of the population does not have a healthy aura and can not block the disease-carrying frequencies that have been observed to create cancers, symptoms of MS, and organ deterioration.

The crystals are created by combining vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes, colors of the spectrum, and oxygen. It is then programmed to the same energies as the sun and moon. These combined elements charge and de-calcify the pineal gland with vibrational frequencies, creating a support system for physical nutrition by allowing the nutrients to enter the cell and by easing the rejection of waste from the cell. 

This pure form of crystal, from Germany, gives your body what it needs on a nutritional and emotional level by allowing your cells to vibrate and harmonize as they truly should. In turn, this counteracts the specific frequencies that create dis-ease.

The newest addition to the make-up of these crystals is the frequency to erase harsh or traumatic memories, which we all carry. These memories of the past are what hold us back the most; this newly harnessed energy allows us to move forward in a positive manner where we can enjoy life, sleep sounder, and create a beautiful future. 

We have been able to add the frequencies into the Guardian and Revitalizer that help to remove mercury from plants, animals, and people. We are exposed to a high level of mercury in the environment which is coming on the jet stream from coal fired plants in China. This gets into the water and food supplies. It also comes heavily from bad lighting, which impairs oxygen in the blood cells. 

**Because of the nature of this delicate hand made product, there are no refunds or warranties.

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