How Exactly Does the Black + Gold Guardian Work?

How Exactly Does the Black + Gold Guardian Work?

This Guardian is a unique balancing of frequencies. The frequencies used are found to be healing with an incredible transference of energy. One of its main functions is to transmute environmental insults into carbon via the frequencies involved.

The Black guardian assists in supporting optimal cell shape and energy for the human body for a higher level of repair and regeneration.

The flow of various frequencies of “energy” are affected via geometric shape. The Geometry of all of the guardians gives us a powerful receiving and transmitting capability. When the center of 2 vortices meet in a opposite polar spin at the center is the shape of the Guardian (a source of oscillating beneficial frequencies) Healthy cells have a specific geometric shape and pattern in a synergy with matrices gives us a uniques energetic ‘fingerprint’ that are maintained or enhanced via frequencies that support this.

The pure crystal used contains zero heavy metals, and it can be programmed successfully with Radionics. This product is intentionally programmed with DC current, as found in all of nature.

The Black Guardian will decrease the living quarters of harmful man-made frequencies, as well as increases oxygen and hydrogen levels in the home. It helps remove harmful molds and enhances the growth of plants in the home. The Black Guardian Pendant extends out 6+ feet and extends your biofield.

Living tissue and fluids are semicrystalline in their presentation viewed and confirmed under high power microscopic analysis. 

The inside and outside of a vortex have near perfect opposing forces (studies in-depth by meteorologists to better understand the dynamics of tornados).  These forces cause pressure and energetic transference (theorized scalar energy between the 2 opposing forces similar to the Casmire effect studied for an alternative power source for a propulsion system by NASA) which through this unique dynamic of spin(which is constant throughout everything), potential scalar energetics, electromagnetic activity of the cell, gravitational force, conversion of bio-photon (radiation) frequency externally and internally transferred energy (every cell in the body is electrically charge at different levels)  in the form of a electromagnetogravitational oscillation (EMGO) that is constant in relation with a multiple of phi. (~.618 x 10^137) to (~1.618 x 10^223).  

The crystalline matrix present throughout the bodily fluid to the cell and bone causes pesioelectricity when under force/EMGO and subjected to different frequencies/information, subtle or other. This transference of energy in multiple forms working in a synergistic Fibonacci sequence is the existence of constant outputting of plasmic, photonic, thermal radiation (not purely biochemical as radiation oscillates as opposing to balance gravitational force such as sin/cosine), magnetic field, electric, and ethereal or conscious connection transmitted and received by anything living (example is that the Biofield is an invisible antenna feeding information {from where} to us and sending our translation of the perception or awareness of this information out from our field on at least a conscious and subconscious level). It has to do with the natural electromagneto-gravitational oscillation of all living things with dynamics at different functioning complexity. This is governed by several components however two of the most crucial are vortices and Schumann resonance frequency.

The center piece of toroidal motion is the dynamic multi-vectorial spin.


The toroidal spin is co-relational with cosmic spin as a carrier of information throughout the body as a structuring mechanism for the interpretation of subtle frequencies/information. 

 Schumann resonance is in an extreme connection with every living thing on earth. Studies have shown without Schumann resonance frequency’s present manic disorders begin to occur. Russias cosmonaut program studied the importance of this frequency in there space programs as they found the importance for maintaining concentration and focus was impeded while cosmonauts where out of the ionosphere for only approximately 60 minutes. Within the ionosphere is where natural Schumann frequency’s are generated through the natural occurrence of lightening storms. Not coincidentally, these Schumann resonance frequency’s match human brain wave patterns and heart rhythms.

The Biofield  is apart of our (extra)sensory system… for example the human skin has dermatomes roughly following semi-spiral patterns integrated in the surface of the skin neurologically sensing hot, cold, pressure, etc… The Biofield is a dynamic plasmic organ(organ in the non-traditional biochemical translation) extending from all living things with sensory senses such as intuition. Just as an insect with its antenna feeling interpreting, perceiving, experiencing, and becoming aware of  the world around it. Intuition is formed at this level of providing a knowing of taking that next step or to change direction entirely.   The biofield is our first line of defense and extremely important to support and strengthen.

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