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NEW Limited Edition Gold Guardian Pendant

NEW Limited Edition Gold Guardian Pendant

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Introducing the Limited Edition Gold Guardian Pendant.

The Gold Guardian Pendant is a source of oscillating, beneficial healing frequencies that function to transmute environmental insults back into the base state of carbon in order to . . . 

- Protect against exposures to EMF
- Aid in reducing the occurrence of mold
- Help reduce or neutralize organic off-gassing
- Balance oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen and carbon dioxide intake
- Provide anti herbicide and anti-pesticide protection
- Promote mental health
- Boost cellular regeneration
- Align meridian energy flow patterns
- Support microbial and soil health

Healthy cells have a specific geometric shape and oscillate at different wavelengths of frequencies to establish homeostasis. Our cells synergy of matrices give us a unique energetic ‘fingerprint’ that can be enhanced through the right combination of frequencies.

The Gold Guardian was specifically designed to assist in supporting optimal cell shape for a higher level of repair and regeneration, in the human body. Its pure crystalline composition is programmed with the earth’s vibrational frequency (the Schumann Resonance) and with the same radionics (DC current) found in all of nature.

This remarkable pendant extends and protects the human biofield (our first line of defense) against a sea of unnatural and invasive frequencies that cause cellular disruption. 

**Due to the nature of this delicate hand-made product, there are no refunds or warranties.

Please note* The cord shown in the picture in NOT Included with the pendant. 

CLICK HERE to read an in depth explanation on how the Gold Guardian Works.

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