With Dr. Jerod Bergman and Special Guest Dr. Jay Paul Vanden Heuvel

We are excited to dive deep into why E.M.F. is a problem, where it comes from, and the science behind how it works.


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Without Protection

This image, taken with a camera that detects heat, shows someone using a cell phone. The phone gives off radiation, which we can see as bright red or white on the person's ear, cheek, and neck where they are holding the phone. The bright areas show the amount of heat the phone’s radiation transfers to the person.

With Protection

This image includes the exact same conditions as the last, the same phone and individual, with the sole variable being the application of the Hedron Life Source device. The results clearly illustrate the effectiveness of the Hedron Life Source device in mitigating radiation emissions from a mobile phone.

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Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) are invisible energy waves that are produced by electrical devices and infrastructure, including everyday items like cell phones, computers, and Wi-Fi routers, as well as larger sources like power lines and cell towers. These frequencies are a form of radiation that can interact with and disrupt the natural electrical activities of the human body. Our bodies use electrical signals to operate everything from muscle contractions to brain functions, so interference from EMFs can lead to health issues such as headaches, fatigue, and sleep disturbances.

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EMF's disrupt the natural electrical systems within the human body. Our bodies rely on clear electrical signals for proper functioning of organs, glands, and overall health. Constant exposure to EMFs, often referred to as ElectroSmog, can interfere with these signals, potentially leading to physical and mental health issues such as headaches, fatigue, and decreased cognitive functions. Despite efforts to maintain health through diet, exercise, and meditation, these can only provide secondary benefits if the foundational electrical system is compromised by EMF exposure. Solutions like the Hedron EMF Shields are designed to protect and restore this system, alleviating the symptoms caused by EMF disruptions and enhancing overall wellbeing.

Hedron EMF protection products are designed to neutralize the harmful effects of electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) emitted by various electronic devices and environmental sources. These products utilize a unique blend of twelve harmonizing minerals and scalar energy, which include frequencies like the Earth’s Schumann Resonance of 7.83 Hz, known for its beneficial effects on human health. The Hedron devices work by harmonizing disruptive frequencies into beneficial ones, effectively transforming the electromagnetic environment around the user. The Patent Pending Hedron shield addresses both EMF and heating issues without disrupting phone signal or tonal quality. Additionally, Hedron products are enhanced with Shungite, a mineral known for its ability to support the human biofield, further amplifying the protective qualities of the devices​.

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Device Protection VS Wearable Protection


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