What all do I NEED?!

One question we get often is what all do I need? What if I get the home harmonizer, do I need to put protection devices on all of the rest of my devices also? In order to best answer this, we like to think of EMF protection in layers.


Most optimal initially is to harmonize the cell phones since they are always near us and produce extremely high detrimental EMF waves. Once the cell phone is handled, we move to the body shield or pendant. The difference between these two is slight and more of a preference for how you’d like to wear it (in a pocket, or tied around the neck). Although please note that the pendant is at least 20-30 percent stronger by way of BioField expansion and enhancement. Either of these two will harmonize all fields in your body area (for most people about 2-3 feet around the body).  The next layer would be the Home Harmonizer. If your home has a smart meter or you are within 1/2 mile of a cell phone antennae, it is highly recommended as your entire space will be in a calmer frequency field and other tablets, laptops, TVs, wifi, etc will also be harmonized. If you are spending a lot of time on a certain computer, laptop, tablet, etc, we then recommend getting dedicated protection for that device. This would be the Harmonizer for Larger Devices. This same Harmonizer can be placed directly on the WiFi router. As we place the EMF protection layered on top of one another (cell phone—>body—>home—> commonly used devices), health benefits are increased.


We hope that this clears up this commonly asked question and that it helps you decide what to buy and when. While we recommend protection at all “layers”, we understand that some people will need to also purchase a bit more slowly, layer by layer until optimal protection is reached. We hope this article will help guide you on your journey to total EMF protection!

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