What sets Hedron Apart from the Rest?

What sets Hedron Apart from the Rest?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is “Why Hedron”, what sets us apart from the rest?

      In today’s world of health products and health technology, this is not a surprising question. It is difficult to know which products truly are great, and which of them are filled with empty promises. So how do you as a consumer find a way to decipher through it all? One thing we always recommend is to look for PROOF. Test results, studies, and scientific evidence.

So that brings us back to the main question, “Why Hedron?”. The answer is in the proof. Most companies rely on subjective and proprietary testing. This is where the Hedron is unique. We have put years of extensive research into finding ways to show/prove that the device will actually affect the level of detrimental EMF on the DNA and organ systems. We have clinically proven time and again that the Hedron devices change the radiation into a harmless source. You can currently view (and maybe you already have) the company's kirilian, thermographical, BioField, and other reports HERE.  

What you may also find important is the 3rd party testing by the California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science. What the 3rd party institute confirmed for us is the (SAR) signal absorption percentage remains over 99.9 percent at even a 9.375 GHz (meaning a 9G cell phone). We also have many people asking about the new 5G complications. With Hedron, we have had the foresight to be sure you are protected here as well.

People often say, “When using an EMF meter, my device with your Hedron Protection Device, still registers EMF”.  The truth is, none of the EMF meters currently on the market will be able to tell the difference between harmful or harmless (enhancing) radiation. This is because our phones NEED the EMF or they would no longer work as it could not send or receive any signals. So again, we NEED the EMF (frequency) in order for our devices to function, but we do not want the EMI (interference) to our biological systems. The Hedron products completely remove the EMI so that our devices still work, but the body remains unharmed.

We would also like to give a fair warning in regard to EMF blocking materials, cases, and the like. There is a very large difference between EMF blocking and EMF Harmonization. If you can understand the difference between harmonized EMF and EMI, you can also understand that when you try to BLOCK EMF, the signals pushing from cell phones, cell towers, and electronic devices actually have to work HARDER for the signal to connect. Because of this, we (along with many other testing facilities) have seen that the EMF is is even more detrimental to the body over time when using BLOCKING devices. The Hedron devices work WITH electronic radiation of all forms to ENHANCE your body and BioField, instead of pushing against radiation and causing even more detriment.

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