What's Behind Hedron's Human Performance Technology (HPT)

Every material thing and every living thing has a natural resonance frequency or frequencies that are defined by that object's physical structure, as demonstrated by physical science.

Science also demonstrates that an object physically grows stronger, more robust, and its natural energies more coherent when it is exposed to external frequencies that match its own resonance frequency.

Naturally, this natural resonance effect also affects humans. We sense it, we recognize it, and we undoubtedly feel its energies when we are calm and concentrated, surrounded by close friends or loved ones, or when we are actually in nature. 

At the core of all Hedron products is the human experience, grounded in these scientific advancements the mineral and crystalline core that is unique to us and that we refer to as Human Performance Technology (HPT).

This HPT-enhances, strengthens the body's resonance and brings it back to its natural state, which is clearer and more harmonized. The verb "resonate," which derives from the Latin verb resonare, literally means "to return to sound." As a result, when two objects connect sympathetically, as when two tuning forks of similar tuning or two friends come together, their energies interact and enhance one another.

The inherent energy frequencies of the body are resonant with a variety of natural frequencies that are embedded into Hedron products. The resonant effect that results is comparable to the holistic innate, energetic feelings we enjoy in nature, in fulfilling connections with others, and when engaging in self-balancing, restorative activities.

Additionally, the more frequently you wear or use Hedron, the better it may perform for you because it requires less effort and energy to maintain an object that is already operating at more perfect resonance frequencies.

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