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The Ugly Reality of Cell Phone Radiation

The Ugly Reality of Cell Phone Radiation

       I have written about this to some extent previously, but as technological devices get more and more commonplace, the risk of harmful radiation continues to increase.

Though we can’t see electromagnetic frequencies/radiation (EMF/EMR) but these detrimental electric waves have been proven over and over again. They are not only a very strong frequency, but a very damaging one to human health as well. We are sadly now completely surrounded by EMFs with WiFi, cell phones, electrical wiring, smart meters, microwaves, cell phone towers, and the like. 

Many researchers are now claiming that much of the fertility issues (sperm count and egg viability), are due to the increase in EMF exposure.  Dr. David Carpenter, the Dean at the School of Public Health State University of New York states, “30% of all childhood cancers are associated with EMF exposure”.  When a child under the age of 10 uses a cell phone, the radiation penetrates nearly through the entire skull. This is why Doctors in the UK have issued warnings urging children under 16 not to use mobile phones at all. Whenever I see teenagers walking around with their cell phone in a back pocket I can’t help but let them know the potential hazards having it so close to their reproductive organs! (They probably think I’m crazy). Your cell phone is now also being used as a mini-antennae, meaning when you are using your phone, the cell company may ‘ping’ a signal off of your phone if it is closer to another person using their phone than the nearest cell tower. Having these signals pinging off that close to our heads is down right scary. This is something new that cell providers are doing, so the research regarding what it may be causing to our overall health is not out yet. Hmmm…nothing like being used for a literally MIND ALTERING experiment! There is an issue here that more people need to be aware of, but we tend to brush the whole thing under the rug since we love our technology and no one wants to give up their computers, or mobile devices (myself included!). 

Some people are more EMF sensitive than others and experience concrete symptoms when in higher EMF areas. Some people do not feel outward symptoms, which can actually be more dangerous since whether you can FEEL it or not, your body’s electrical system is still battling with EMF.  If you have noticed an increase in headaches, fatigue, blood pressure, dizziness, inability to focus, mood swings, insomnia, thyroid concerns, infertility, or hair loss, you may be experiencing some of the subtle but increasingly harmful effects of EMF radiation.

So what can be done to protect ourselves from these harmful EMFs that are EVERYWHERE? Here are a few of my favorite, and most basic ways:

  1. Make sure you do not EVER sleep with your cellular phone within 3 feet of your body. As a matter of fact, if you don’t have an EMF shielding device (see #8) on your phone, keep it at least 3 feet away from you as much as possible. Don’t WEAR it on your belt or in your bra, are you crazy?!
  2. Always remember to turn your phone on airplane mode at night.
  3. Try not to have anything plugged-in in your bedroom unless it is at least 5 feet away from your head.
  4. Use headphones if you have to talk on your phone. Texting is better, but the EMFs are still being emitted 3 feet out from your phone.
  5. Get grounded as often as possible. ‘Grounding’ or ‘earthing’ by putting your bare feet directly on the earth recycles the ‘dirty EMF energy’ into the earth. Using a grounding pad when on your computer and/or while sleeping is also highly beneficial.
  6. Get rid of cordless phones completely.
  7. Never use your mobile devices while they are plugged in or charging. The electric current is exacerbated when doing so.
  8. Don’t ever place a laptop directly on your lap!
  9. Find where the smart meter is located on your home and make sure no one’s bedroom is near that area. The kitchen area is typically the best place to have your smart meter, although ideally you’d get rid of it altogether.  If you are experiencing EMF symptoms and you sleep near a smart meter, I would highly advise at the very least, moving your bedroom to a different area.
  10. Most importantly, it is imperative that you use an EMF protection device that shields BOTH heat emissions as well as EMF radiation. In my opinion, the best one (and the one my entire family uses) is Hedron Life Source’s EMF Shield (find on Amazon). We have researched many different devices and this is the one that passes all of our tests.

I would ask that you especially pass this article on to any kids or teenagers you know. Since most of them were born into a sea of EMF, knowing the facts and ensuring extra protection is key if they are going to have a healthy life. Remember, your body runs on an electrical system of its own. We are made up of MOSTLY electrical processes and then SOME chemical processes (which is where quality foods and nutritional supplements come in). So technically, finding ways to enhance our electrical systems is even more important than a clean diet, nutrification and detoxification. For some reason, we have lost sight of that, but the good news is, people are catching on as our EMF load has been so rapidly increasing.  I believe the future holds great technologies to help us keep our helpful devices as well as protect ourselves from them.

 Author: Dr. Ida Allen

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