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Why Ibrain has the Superior Anti-Radiation Function?

Why Ibrain has the Superior Anti-Radiation Function?

Related Research Institutions / Authorities Sheet

Research Institutions

 Ibrain Earphones Have Been Granted Nine Countries' Patents Of Invention And PCT Patent

Nine countries' Patents

CCTV Science and Education Channel "Light of Science" Programme Reported on Ibrain radiation free headphones

CCTV Science

STV Reports: Ibrain radiation free headphone is excellent!

STV Reports

PDTV "Online Public Opinion" reports Ibrain radiation free headphone 

Point 10-12 are reports from representative TV Stations

The Chairman Mr. Tzu was invited to deliver a speech at the third China 'Two bombs, one satellite'  Military High-level Conference.

Mr. Tzu
The third conference was held from 11th-12th Nov. 2016 in Beijing. Mr. Tzu was invited to attend the conference and received warmly welcome to introduce the application of ibrain earphones in military products. Ibrain earphones are considered as good civil-military integrating products!

On April 27, 2014, the Third Huazun Rewarding brand influence ceremony held at the Great Hall of the General Assembly in Beijing. 

Third Huazun

Our chairman Mr. Tzu was invited to attend the meeting, and speech with the topic--To human health, invention the world's leading ibrain radiation free earphone. 

On July 30, 2010, the First Global Green Prosperity Forum was convened at the General Hall of People, Beijing. 


First Global

Mr. Tzu is making a presentation in the opening ceremony: to prove that ibrain Radiatoin free earphone is the only one anti-radiation green product in the world.

Representative Certificates and Awards 

 certificates and awards

Pics Of Some Representative Exhibitions.

Our Company Attends Many Large Exhibitions At Home And Abroad Each Year.

Ibrain earphones are newly welcomed by foreign traders. Our company has attended the 120th Canton Fair in October 2016 and MWC 2017 to show the world our latest products and research results, and ibrain earphones are popular among domestic and overseas visitors. Hundreds of customers from above 50 countries negotiates business with us.

National Telephone Switchboard Quality Supervision And Inspection Center 

National Telephone

Advanced Modern Equipment 

Modern Equipment
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