Save Your Brain with Radiation Free Headphones

Video Transcript:

Hi guys Dr. Jarod here I just wanted to talk to you guys about headphones because we've had a lot of inquiries about how people you know, what do they do as far as the EMF from the headphones and this is what I use and it's basically a EMF free headphone.

How's that work you might ask so I'm going to explain it to okay so the bottom part of this cord coming off of your device is lined with copper and a lot of times in traditional headphones the cord will actually bleed electromagnetic frequencies from the cord itself all the way up right into the magnet which transmits the sound into your ear into the eardrum.

Well this is nice because it's shielded with that copper all the way up until we get to past the  mic the mic and then we get to this and this little piece here is where it transfers the sound all the way into this air tube and this is actually filled with air all the way up to your ear piece.

And there is no magnet in this ear piece which is essential for decreasing the EMF so that it's like almost like an acoustic sound coming through this tube so you're not sacrificing sound at all if anything it sounds better than normal headphones

So everybody wanted to know what I use for that and this is what I use you can find it actually on so if you guys are interested there you go see you later thanks bye.


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