5G: The New Killer On The Block

5G: The New Killer On The Block

Telecommunication companies are raving about the new 5G technology and the amazing speeds and reliability that we will all be able to experience, but at what cost?

We know that since cell phones first came out there have been health concerns, however, the times were different as few people had cell phones and those concerned about the radiation could simply elect not to have one. Now days, the idea of not owning a cell phone seems next to impossible in our technology filled society. What’s worse is that cell phones are not the only culprit. Computers, household appliances, smart meters, cell phone towers, Wi-Fi hot spots, and more are inundating our world (and our bodies!). It is next to impossible to completely escape our now EMI ridden world. Imagine how much more difficult it may become with virtual reality and autonomous cars on the rise as well.

5G is an entirely new level of concern from the 3-4G we are all experiencing today. Sure, it will be roughly ten times faster than the speeds we are experiencing now but how does it make you feel knowing that it will require thousands more base stations on buildings and utility poles to spread its signal? Researchers estimate that for roughly every 12 homes in urban areas, one base station with be needed. Soon the idea of being able to live where cell phone towers are not, will be just a dream.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your family? The good news is that our Hedron Devices were designed to handle these changes as they have been clinically tested and proven to harmonize 99.95% of radiation at 9.375 GHz which is equivalent to a 9G cell phone! See the certificate below. If you have our Device Shield this is great! However, we also recommend a Pendant or a Body Shield as well as purchasing the necessary amount of Home Harmonizers (one harmonizer protects roughly 1000 sq ft.) to fully harmonize your environment for optimal health! Now is not the time to wait, 5G is not only "coming for us”, it is already available in many areas around the world. Now is the time to choose to protect yourself AND your family from the harmful and long-lasting effects.



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