Hybrid and Electric Cars.. In terms of EMF, what do they mean for my family and I?

Hybrid and Electric Cars.. In terms of EMF, what do they mean for my family and I?


If you think about it.. 

You can probably guess that a car with the term "electric" in it, indeed does emit EMF. 

And if you guessed that, you guessed right! 

All vehicles emit both electric and magnetic interference, but hybrid and fully electric cars are continuously emitting a very high amount of EMF making them potentially dangerous for yourself and your family. 

While many of us don't spend as much time in our cars as we do on our phones or even in our homes it is important to understand that IT ALL ADDS UP. 

We live in a toxic world and EMF is one of those toxins that is EVERYWHERE. 

The accumulation of EMF in our bodies is extremely harmful and has been linked to cancer, infertility, and many other ailments and conditions. 

Anywhere in your life that you can limit or eliminate your exposure is at a huge benefit to you and those you love. 

I have an electric or hybrid car, what can I do to protect myself??

Another great question! 

  1. Limit your use if at all possible - even better- if you are in a position to get a vehicle that is not hybrid or electric, do so! It seems counter intuitive, as electric cars claim to help the environment, but as you know, EMF is a pollutant too, just like the fossil fuels. 

  1. We understand getting a new vehicle may not be in the cards so be sure to use our HEDRON HOME HARMONIZER anytime you are in your vehicle! The great thing about this is you can move the home harmonizer back and forth between your home and your car, it's almost like a 2 in 1! BONUS! 

  1. Make sure you have your cell phone protected with our HEDRON CELL SHIELD, and be sure to turn your car and phone Bluetooth off whenever possible. Again, it all adds up!

All in all- EMF is one of those "toxins" in our world that we cannot escape no matter how much we try, the best thing that you can do for yourself and your loved ones is to use our full line of Hedron Harmonization Products!

As a reminder, Hedron devices are accumulative. Meaning, adding Hedron Protection at multiple levels brings added support for your physical body and overall enhancement for your BioField. 

Hedron Cell Phone Harmonizer-->

Hedron Large Device Harmonizers (for your Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, and the like)-->

Hedron Home Harmonizer for your Bluetooth enhanced vehicles (travel with your HHH! Bring it from home, to the car, airplane, hotel)-->

Hedron Pendant or Body Shield (for protection wherever you decide to go!)

*Just remember to ground your Body Shield and Pendant regularly (now with 5G, we recommend weekly!). More info on grounding HERE.

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