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Free Shipping On Orders $100+
Free Shipping On Orders $100+
Free Shipping On Orders $100+
Free Shipping On Orders $100+
Free Shipping On Orders $100+
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Bluetooth Headsets.. are they safe?

Bluetooth Headsets.. are they safe?

One question we get frequently here at Hedron Life Source is "Are Bluetooth headsets safe?”.

The short answer is, no.

Let’s better understand why:

We know that all electronics constantly emit ElectroMagnetic Interference (EMI).

Consistent exposure to EMI of any kind is harmful and although convenient, Bluetooth technology is no exception.

  • Radio frequencies used in Bluetooth are the same as frequencies used in a microwave oven. (If you like microwaved brain cells, you’ll love Bluetooth!)
  • Other devices that use the RF energy include cell phones and Wi-Fi.

If you are a consistent Bluetooth headset user, if you keep your Bluetooth in the “on” position on your cell,

if you are using Bluetooth to connect to your keyboard, speaker, or other devices,

and/or if you have Bluetooth in your car, what can be done?

1: Keep your Bluetooth in the “off” position on your cell as often as possible. 

2: Limit the amount of time you use Bluetooth accessories.

3: Never let children use bluetooth headphones. Their thin skull bone structure and delicate brain tissue is too important!

4: If you absolutely can not live without bluetooth, make sure you’re Hedron Protected!

As a reminder, Hedron devices are accumulative. Meaning, adding Hedron Protection at multiple levels brings added support for your physical body and overall enhancement for your BioField. 

Hedron Cell Phone Harmonizer-->

Hedron Large Device Harmonizers (for your Bluetooth speakers, keyboards, and the like)-->

Hedron Home Harmonizer for your Bluetooth enhanced vehicles (travel with your HHH! Bring it from home, to the car, airplane, hotel)-->

Hedron Pendant or Body Shield (for protection wherever you decide to go!)

*Just remember to ground your Body Shield and Pendant regularly (now with 5G, we recommend weekly!). More info on grounding HERE.


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