Harmful Housewares

Author: Jaclyn Martinson, EMF Specialist

We talk often about our exposure to EMF from our electronic devices such as our cell phones, our laptops, our TV’s, and the other “common” devices, but what is lurking in our kitchens and even our bathrooms can be just as hazardous and what is worse is that some of them we may not even think of as being harmful!

How many of you live in an environment with a cold winter? Snuggling up with an electric blanket sounds just about as good as it gets on those cold snowy nights but what you may not realize is that you are basically wrapping your whole body up in EMF! We recommend ditching the heated blanket and just using a normal blanket, however if this is not an option, at minimum we recommend wearing our Hedron Pendant while using the heated blanket and even better would be placing one of our Hedron Device Shields for Larger Devices on the blanket near the controller. 

How many of you use a hair dryer? Well even if it doesn’t seem like it, that hair dryer is also emitting EMF and you are using it right by your brain! What is even more surprising is that it is actually most detrimental to use your hair dryer at night as the EMF near your head is enough to shut down your brain’s production of melatonin, which has been acknowledged as a radioprotective anticancer agent. The short-term effect of using a hair dryer at night is that it can disrupt your sleep cycle. We understand the need to use your hair dryer, so we recommend using it in the morning and also placing one of our Hedron Device Shields for Larger Devices on the dryer somewhere. 

Now most of us have microwaves in our kitchens, it has become a staple in most American households but as you can guess, microwaves are a very DANGEROUS source of EMF. Standing even a foot away from your microwave while it has running exposes you to very hazardous amounts of EMF, upwards of 400 milliGauss and just a mere 4 milliGauss has been firmly linked to leukemia. Our number one recommendation is to get rid of your microwave altogether. Not only is it a source of high radiation, it changes the molecules in your food to “non-usable” and even toxic for your body. If giving it up isn’t an option for you (yet!), we recommend that you and your children avoid standing near it while it is running as and place it at the furthest corner of your kitchen, or even in a utility room, so that you can maintain a safe distance while you are working in the kitchen. Also, be sure to place one of our Hedron Device Shields for Larger Devices on your microwave. 

EMF is constantly around us and is not going anywhere anytime soon, it is up to YOU to take action and protect yourself from this detrimental radiation, our line of Hedron Products are here to help!


*Some concept excerpts from Mercola.com

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