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What Is EMF?

EMF stands for ElectroMagnetic Field or Frequency. Everything has an electromagnetic field. This includes natural EMF as well as man-made EMF. This energetic field is measurable and in our human body it is the very life force of our cells.

Electromagnetic Radiation is the energy projected from the EMF’s. The human body was designed with very specific ElectroMagnetic Frequencies. Healthy cells emanate these healing frequencies. Unhealthy and diseased cells and tissues have altered ElectroMagnetic Frequencies.

Our healthy life force energy becomes compromised by the harsh and extremely harmful man-made ElectroMagnetic Radiation. This detrimental EMR leaves our cells confused, damaged, and unable to maintain healing properties.



  • Basically, no matter how hard you exercise, 
  • no matter how perfect your diet is, 
  • no matter how many cleanses or detoxes you do, 
  • no matter how many awesome supplements you take..
  • If you don't handle the ELECTRICAL component of your body, your health will continue to be MEDIOCRE.

Would you like to live in an environment that enhances your body at a cellular level?

Discover The Benefits of Hedron Home Protection!


What Is The Hedron Home Harmonizer (HHH)?

With the ever growing strength of harmful EMF in our homes due to cell phone towers, WiFi, dirty electricity, Smart Meters, Geo-Magnetic Stress, and the like, we are living in a sea of impairment that is unable to be cleared from our cells. In turn, this causes a continuous downgrade in cellular function and overall health. If you’re doing a good job of detoxification, taking the right supplements for nutrition, eating well, and exercising, you will continue to fight an uphill battle for optimal health unless the EMR in and around your home and work place is HARMONIZED to benefit your body.


How Does The HHH Help Me and My Family?

The Hedron Home Harmonizer works to completely harmonize the ElectroMagnetic Stress of every form within and around your dwelling place. The most important placements for the HHH are where you or your family members are spending the most time. Our Patent Pending Scalar Technology is proven to shift harmful EMF to beneficial EMF within 1000 square feet of the device-without needing recharging or electricity. Along with a harmonization effect that will last a lifetime, this product is the first of its kind in the world.

Basic Protection (1): 1 HHH either in the main bedroom, or on the inside wall of a smart meter or cell phone tower.
Good Protection (2): 1 HHH on each far wall of the home.
Better Protection (3): 1 HHH on each far wall of the home, and one in the center of the home.

Optimal Protection (4): 1 HHH on each far wall, one near the center of the home, and 1 in the car (for high EMF in your vehicle and to take with you when traveling into hotels and on airplanes).

*The Hedron Home Harmonizer is 4 inches in diameter and 1/2 inch thick.

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