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Electromagnetic radiation is a term used to describe the energy that is coming out from an electromagnetic source. Electromagnetic radiation can be beneficial, harmless or extremely dangerous to humans, depending on the source, level of radiation, and duration of exposure.

There are both natural and man-made sources of electromagnetic radiation. The sun, for instance, is an intense source of natural radiation that can have both positive and negative effects on living things. The sun also produces both visible and invisible electromagnetic streams. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are invisible and cause sunburn and skin cancer if overexposure occurs. A rainbow, however, is a visible and harmless part of the electromagnetic effect caused by the sun, as human eyes detect the visible wavelengths of light as different colors.

Man-made sources of electromagnetic radiation include X-rays, Radio waves and microwaves.

The power contained in electromagnetic radiation can be both helpful and destructive to humans. Overexposure to radiation, whether in an acute dose or a slow, continual intake, can quickly lead to illness and even a painful death. However, as electromagnetic radiation is also a natural part of the human environment, exposure to some radiation is unavoidable.

Mobile Phone Radiation

Mobile phone radiation refers to radiation in the form of electromagnetic waves that is emitted from mobile phones. This type of radiation takes the form of radio waves that are near the microwave range. When we think of harmful radiation, things like X-rays or gamma rays usually come to mind, but these types of radiation are different from cell phone radiation. These are ionizing radiations and exposure to these are very harmful. Since cell phone radiation is non-ionizing, it is generally seen as being harmless in the short term. However long term exposure to this radiation also is proved to be very dangerous. Profound research has been made worldwide and it has been concluded by many that long term exposure to mobile phone radiation can lead to many chronic diseases like cancer.

Dangers of Mobile Phone Radiation

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Thermal effect and EMR

Radio frequency used to communicate by mobile phone has the ability to penetrate through semi-solid substances like meat, and living tissue to a distance proportional to its power density.

It also can cause dielectric heating effect or thermal effect. Thermal effects are the temperature rise in the body cause of energy absorption from oscillating electric fields or electromagnetic radiation.

Thermal radiation is generated when heat from the movement of charged particles within atoms of the mobile phone’s case is converted to electro magnetic radiation. Thermal radiation of the mobile phone also related to the specific absorption rate (SAR) where it is defined as the rate of radio frequency (RF) power absorbed per unit mass by any part of the body. SAR values are dependent on the separation distance of the body and the mobile phones. The nearer the distances of the radiation source to the human head, the higher the SAR values.

Electromagnetic radiation simply deposits its energy by heating the material. This happens both for infrared and non-infrared radiation. Intense radio waves can thermally burn living tissue and can cook food. In addition to infrared lasers , sufficiently intense visible and ultraviolet lasers can also easily set paper afire. Ionizing electromagnetic radiation can create high-speed electrons in a material and break chemical bonds, but after these electrons collide many times with other atoms in the material eventually most of the energy gets downgraded to thermal energy, this whole process happening in a tiny fraction of a second. That infrared radiation is a form of heat and other electromagnetic radiation is not, is a widespread misconception in physics. Any electromagnetic radiation can heat a material when it is absorbed.

Thus to conclude the heating of the ears one feels is due to Electro Magnetic Radiation.

Radiation Hazards - Study by an IIT Professor

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 The Solution:

Some people recommend that in order to escape from the harmful effects of Mobile Phone Radiation it is better to follow the following:

  • Do not use mobile phone at all.
  • Reduce the amount of time spent using mobile phones.
  • Use speaker mode or a headset to place more distance between your head and Cellphone.

Is it possible in this modern world to avoid or reduce the usage of cell Phones which people have become addicted to or is it possible to use speaker phone always ? Headsets keep the phone away from the Brain but a holster or belt clip just moves the radiation down to the waist. Our studies conducted on speakerphone actually show the EMF at a greater level.

Our Solution

After considerable research we have found out that certain earth minerals have the capability to successfully harmonize the Radiation (EMF) and reduce the heating of the mobile phones while in use.

We have employed this unique mineral technology plus scalar technology in creating the most need of the hour product “ The Hedron EMF Shield ” which protects us from the effects of mobile phone radiation.

The Hedron EMF Shield is undoubtedly the most effective product of its kind as it does not interfere with the signal strength nor jam the calls.

One can be confident that The Hedron EMF Shield when attached to the Mobile Phone can protect us from the effects of Radiation based on the certificates given by the World’s renowned electronics testing laboratory and other reputed institutions.

Although one cannot feel radiation directly they can definitely appreciate the reduction in heating of the ears upon using The Hedron EMF Shield as felt by many users worldwide. Since heating is because of the EMR only we can safely assume that they are indirectly feeling the reduction of EMR itself.


Test Reports


All organs study clinical report of Mr. Dhamodharan using Kirlian GDV Camera

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