When using your Hedron Protection Devices, Why doesn’t it show a difference on my EMF Meter?

Unfortunately the technology is not readily available for an EMF meter to detect harmful vs. harmless (or enhancing) radiation. Otherwise we would advise you to use it. The scientific community is well aware of this limitation so we believe it will be changing in the short term as more people are becoming aware and looking for ways to detect/protect. There is a device now in production that will change this problem. We are hoping it'll be ready for general public use in the very near future.

None of the current EMF Harmonization devices on the market will show a difference on a cell phone using an EMF detection device. This is because if the EMF was completely removed, the phone would no longer work as it could not send or receive any signals. So again, we NEED the EMF (frequency) in order for the devices to function, but we do not want the EMI (interference) to our biological systems. The Hedron products completely remove the EMI so the device still works (in the case of a cell phone, or with Home Harmonizer a smart meter, or wifi router), but the body is unharmed.
Having said that, most companies rely on subjective and proprietary testing. This is where the Hedron is unique. We have put years of extensive research into finding ways to show/prove that the device will actually affect the level of detrimental EMF on the DNA and organ systems. We have clinically proven time and again that the Hedron devices change the radiation into a harmless source. You can currently view (and maybe you already have) the company's kirilian, thermographical, BioField, and other reports HERE.  

What you may also find important is the 3rd party testing by the California Institute of Electronics and Materials Science. What the 3rd party institute confirmed for us is the (SAR) signal absorption percentage remains over 99.9 percent at even a 9.375 GHz (meaning a 9G cell phone).  

What about your radiation free headphones?!

Great question! This is one product of ours that you WILL see a zero on an EMF meter. This particular product uses patented technology that completely stops all of the radiation midway up the tube, rather than harmonizes it.

We are here to answer any additional questions you may have, but again, if you haven’t already, please take the time to view the webinar, audios, videos, and testing on our website.

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