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Free Shipping On Orders $100+
Free Shipping On Orders $100+
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Free Shipping On Orders $100+
Free Shipping On Orders $100+
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Block the Blue Light and Get Instant Health Benefits!!

Block the Blue Light and Get Instant Health Benefits!!

Exposure to artificial light is often one of the most overlooked health risks of the 21st century as it is hugely affecting our circadian rhythm, or our internal clock. 

In the morning, bright, blue-light-rich sunlight signals our bodies to wake up, and in the evening, the darkness signals to our bodies that it is time to go to sleep. However, today in developed countries, it is no longer the norm to go to sleep once the sun sets like it once was for our ancestors. Instead, we fill our days and our evenings with artificial blue-light from LED lights, gaming equipment, computers, televisions, and smartphones.

Your body is understandably confused by this and as a result it throws off your internal clock. It is now becoming clear that the easiest and least inexpensive measure to protect your body’s internal rhythm and support healthy sleep is by wearing blue-light blocking glasses.

As our ever growing demand for the use of technology continues to increase, the blue-light glasses are beginning to make a comeback, and experts, including our very own Doctors, are encouraging everyone to wear these especially after 5pm in the evening, but also whenever you are exposed to bluelight (this includes fluorescent lighting!).

Research has shown that the benefits of wearing the bluelight blocking glasses include but are not limited to, better sleep, clearer thinking and increased brain function, a decrease in daytime tiredness, and more. If you’re dealing with a child with ADD or ADHD, blocking blue light is an absolute must!

Hedron Life Source's PATENTED Bluelight Blocking Glasses are unlike any other on the market and here's why: 

  • Hedron frames are made with new TR90 Swiss Technology Frames - This new Swiss innovation in eyeglasses brings you durability, flexibility, and comfort without sacrificing quality!  
  • The Hedron product uses melanin, a pigment in human hair/eyes, which will cause no harm to the eye. This is why we call it ‘nature’ block bluelight performance. Other products on the market are made by adding a powder to the lenses which does block the bluelight but is harmful to the eyes.
  • Melanin is added into the polycarbonate material BEFORE the lens is ejected out from the machine and therefore the blocking effect is longer lasting with enhanced durability.
  • Hedron Melanin Lenses are among the very few that pass the issue of EN/ANSI/NAZ. 
  • Complies with traffic standards in the U.S. This means that you can wear them while driving without your vision becoming distorted in color judgment.

Aside from bluelight blocking glasses, some other suggestions include:

  • Install blue-light-blocking software on your computer or smart phone (our favorite is
  • Use a blue light blocking screen on your electronic devices 
  • Keep your bedroom pitch black while you sleep. Blackout shades or drapes are helpful. Even a little bit of light can disrupt your circadian rhythm. An eye mask could be helpful as well.
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