Top 5 Natural Ways to Guard Against EMF

Our Hedron Products are here to help harmonize the harmful EMF/EMI but there are some things that you can do on your own to increase the benefits. Here are five simple, easy, and natural ways that you can use to help guard against these harmful frequencies. Make sure to pass the word to those you love! 

1. Grounding- Walking barefoot on the Earth whenever possible is a great way to help guard against EMF. Especially on earth that has not been overrun with underground power lines and Geopathic Stress. Harder to do in the colder climates, but challenge yourself! Cold feet can be refreshing and detoxifying.

2. Airplane Mode- Turning your phone and other devices on airplane mode will significantly reduce the EMF's that your device is emitting!

3. Turn off the electricity- Shutting down the electricity to your bedroom and your WiFi at night is an essential way to slash your EMF bombardment and get a recharging night of healing sleep.

4. Spend time in your basement- EMI is typically much lower in basements, so spending time in the basement family room rather than the upstairs will cut down on your body's EMF load.

5. Ocean Swim or Epsom Salt bath- Going for a swim in the ocean or soaking in an Epsom salt bath will not only help you naturally clear accumulated EMI from your body cells, but will also clear accumulated Geographic Stress.

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