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Hedron Life Source

The Hedron Revitalizer FREE Evaluation

The Hedron Revitalizer FREE Evaluation

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If you are interested in the Hedron Revitalizer, simply "check out" with the FREE Evaluation in your cart. Then, a member of our team will reach out to you within 24 business hours with questions regarding your specific situation. Once we receive your reply with your information, we will have a personalized quote and GUARANTEE to you within 24 business hours. 

Ideal for enhancement of 70+ acre farms or ranches, as well as complete water and lake purification.

The Revitalizer

The Revitalizer is housed in a small waterproof container measuring 15”x6”x15”deep and is programmed by crystals and radionics.

These frequency patterns impact and vitalize specific subtle energy fields of up to 5000 acres with a single unit.  It makes use of the magnetic field of the Earth and atmosphere to harvest greenhouse gasses. The Earth has many grid lines called ley lines, the hartmann grid, and the curry net. These lines carry the frequencies from the Revitalizer to the desired area to be treated.

Through the magnetism of the Earth, greenhouse gasses are drawn into the area being treated by the Revitalizer and transmuted into carbon, a brown viscous liquid into the soil.

We have developed and proven an effective and low cost system that improves land and water ecosystems. The Revitalizers are environmentally safe and enhance natural processes.

The History

The first Revitalizer was placed into a lake in Eastern Ontario, called Loch Gary. Government boats were getting stuck because of the abundance of weeds. Throughout the summer the weeds nearly disappeared and the water became crystal clear. The following spring during a fishing tournament for children, they caught the most fish they had ever seen in a very short amount of time.

The second Revitalizer was placed into Lake Madison in South Dakota. The lake was covered in green algae. The algae disappeared quickly after the Revitalizer was placed and the lake remained crystal clear throughout the summer. The following spring fishermen caught more fish than they ever had. Three years later and the fishing remains in full swing all summer long whereas before it only lasted about a week.

Two Revitalizers were sent to Lake Hussain Sagar in India, a 4000 acre lake. It was covered in a crust of human waste with a stench so bad that anyone going near the lake had to wear a mask. After 15 days, the smell had diminished and after two months the water was almost to drinking water standards. The lake is now able to be enjoyed by boaters, sailboats, canoes, and other recreational vehicles.

Units were installed in two sewage lagoons. One in Bracebridge, Ontarion and one in South Korea. With the revitalizer putting oxygen into the water, it reduced the solids by 12 inches per month with no smell.

In South Korea, the revitalizer was used on numerous pig farms and the result was a 90% decrease in mortality, 10-20 days to market quicker, and no odor in the facilities.

Our biggest market for the Revitalizer is in agriculture in Canada and the United States. Farmers report to us that by putting oxygen into the soil causing the soil to be alive, it allows the soil to take away excess moisture, reducing the fuel costs of working the land by 30%. Due to the fact that the Revitalizer is sequestering approximately 50 tons an acre of carbon, and putting oxygen several hundred feet into the ground, there is a significant increase in all crops. The biggest increase is in the weight of the produce. Because we add plasma through the Revitalizer, it is controlling leaf eating insects such as aphids, spider mites, pepper beetles, and potato beetles. Because of the health of the crops and the improved nutritional value, dairy farmers are experiencing lower feed costs and better production, with little or no smell in the barn or manure.


We have been working with the Revitalizer for about 6 months. We had struggled with stray voltage for many years. Without this technology we would no longer be in business. Last year, we had a barn fire and our cows were in horrible condition with very low production as a result of the stress of the fire. It is nothing short of a miracle how they have recovered since installing this system. They look great, are very healthy and producing well, our cell count is down, and we rarely see the vet. My calves have never looked so good and my garden and flowers are doing amazing as well. Everyone wanted to know my secret, I highly recommend this system to anyone! 

  • Kurt and Sheri Albrecht

I am a cash crop farmer from Wallaceburg, Ontario. I grow corn, beans, wheat, peas, cucumbers, jalapeno peppers, sweet banana peppers, and black tabacco. I also have 9000 laying hens for egg production. Since installing the Revitalizer, the egg quality is higher than it has ever been, my water no longer smells and 75% of our rust issues are gone, the plants in my house and greenhouse are growing great when that wasn’t always the case, and my crop yeild was excellent and disease was not an issue for me but was for neighboring crops.

  • Ross McCreary
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