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Why Mobile Radiation Does Harm to Human Health?

Mobile phones play increasingly important roles in people's lives.
Many people even cannot live without them.
However, some people think there are more negative effects by using mobile phones.

harmful radiation

1. WHO confirmed cellphone radiation can cause brain cancer?

WHOMay 31st 2011, a Working Group of 31 scientists from 14 countries had a meeting at IARC in Lyon, France, to access the potential hazards of the radiation from mobile phones and confirmed the mobile phone would cause the brain cancer, which has been classified into 2B and issued in the 102th Volume in IARC's special Articles. 



2. Cancer cells: Italian court rules 'mobile phones can cause brain tumors' 

brain tumor
On Oct. 19th 2012, Reuters repoted that the Italy Supreme Court upheld a judgment. A merchant of Italy, named Innocente Marcolini, who caught brain tumor because of long time using wireless mobile phone daily. He sought the financial compensation from court. According to the famous oncologist and environmental mutagensis researcher, professor Angelogino Levis, along with the neurosurgeon, Dr. Giuseppe Grasso, afforded the evidence with which the Italy supreme court ruled that Mr. Marcolini got industrial injury compensation. 

The court's decision officially recognizes that the causal link between the mobile phone radiation and brain tumor.


3. American authoritative medical journals "American medical" research confirmed that mobile phone radiation may alter brain state

With the perspective method to compare: research show that the mobile phone radiation can increase brain activity, change the brain state, and moreover, when people talk on the phone directly, their brain color will be changed, which shows radiation has an impact on the brain. 

brain state


4. Reported by CCTV "The Doctors is In: Harmful effects of mobile phone radiation

Peking University Third Hospital Professor Jiyuan Zhao states in CCTV program "The Doctor is In" in 16th Sep., 2016 that people who use mobile phones frequently would get neurasthenia, insomnia, palpitation and other diseases easily. Nowadays, international cancer organization has announced that mobile radiation might cause cancer or tumor. 

Expert 1Expert Statement 1:

Mobile radiation severely affects mental development of children under 20 years old.

When people speak on the phone directly, the mobile phone is closed to their heads. At this moment, mobile radiation would endanger the central nervous system (CNS). Compared with adults, children would be more vulnerable because their system will never full developed until they reach their 20s. If the CNS gets hurt, there would be an important influence in children' intelligence development. 

According to medical analysis:

Central nervous system integrates information it receives from, and coordinates and influences the activity of all parts of the bodies of bilaterally symmetric animals. The brain is the major functional unit of the central nervous system. Once the CNS has been impaired, it may cause serious diseases like dyskinesia, language barrier, confusion, incoordination, torpid reaction and etc.


Expert 2 Expert Statement 2:

 Do not carry the cellphone inside your pocket.

(1) In the case of hanging cell phone in the front of the chest. Chest is where the thymus located. Within the thymus, T cells or T lymphocytes mature. T cells are critical to the adaptive immune system, where the body adapts specifically to foreign invaders. I cells would not work properly after being exposed to mobile phone radiation, which would result in the sickness of people.

(2) In the case of putting cell phone in the trouser pocket where near the reproductive system. Mobile radiation would kill sperm and ovum and thus affects the reproductive health of people. Moreover, if pregnant women put mobile phone in their pockets, the impacts to fetus would be more serious. 


5. Mobile phone Anti-Radiation Regulations in Developed Countries

Mobile Ban


6. News from UK Dailymail Online reported on 14th Sep. 2016

Wireless headphone

Radiation Free Headphones

Electromagnetic Waves

 7. The experiments conducted by SAHZU shows that a four-hour  exposure to cellphone radiation could directly lead to cataract


Opthalmology Health Center director of SAHZU, Professor Ke Yao's experiment shows that after 4 hours' exposure to 10mw/cm2, equals to 10000 μ w/cm2 (radiation level of cellphone is higher than this which is 13600 μ w/cm2 electromagnetic radiation, rabbit's lens epithelian cells were damaged, which leads to cataract directly. It can be know how danger the mobile radiation is to human eyes.


8. The truths about Mobile Phone & Wireless Radiation

Devra Davis

  • She and her team in Brazil created the model with one millimeter voxels, adopting with MRI technology to have a period of 6 minutes' phone call testing. The yellow and red areas below represent the radiation peak.


Long-term exposure to mobile phone radiation will cause serious damage to human body, especially to children under 20 years old because their brain is still immature. It will also affect the reproductive health of people if they put cellphone in their trouser pocket.


  • Besides, PhD Devra Davis, together with scientists working in environment heakth trust at the University of California and the president of the American cancer society of California have found that women who usually put their phones in the front of chest will easily get a breast cancer.Tumor

The second picture is about a case reported from 2009. Many similar case are happening in recent years. This was a Chinese-American woman who used cell phone for hours a day in her bra for 10 years while she was driving. Every time you drive with phone on your body, the phone exchanges the signal with towers, which means radiation is around you all the time. As a result, this lady gets a breast tumor next to her chest where she always put her phone.


 9. How mobile phone radiation affects human body?




An experiment proves that stickers cannot isolate radiation.

The main experiment content is below: put a mobile phone which is plugged in ibrain earphone into a metal box and leave a 5mm slit. At the same time, pull the earphone outside the box. It can be found that the mobile phone can still exchange signal with earth station normally. It can be seen that the large-area shielding created by the metal box still cannot the emission exchange of wireless electromagnetic waves. Thus it can be concluded that it is impossible to use stickers to reduce radiation.

The wireless electromagnetic waves are of mesh shape, which can bypass obstacles. If the mobile phone is fully insulated, it will not work. The way to absorb radiation is also not a good idea because cell phone will emit stronger radiation and effect the use of mobile phone. Therefore, the only way to reduce radiation is to enlarge the distance between body and mobile phones.

The scientific formula for attenuation characteristics of electromagnetic waves:

Radiation is inversely proportional to the square or cubic value of the distance in attenuation. In other words, the farther the user, the weaker the radiation. 


 10. Statistics from National Authoritative Test Organization proved



Why Ibrain has the superior anti-radiation function?


Collaborative on Health1. The international Collaborative on Health and Environment (CHE) on cellphone safety states: The air tube is the most preferable choose for cell phone anti-radiation 


The EMR Policy2. American EMR policy institute Statement on Cell phone Radiation (October 1st, 2009) "wired earpiece use, prefer-ably hollow air tube, a lower SAR is more highly linked to worse pathological leakage of the blood-brain barrier."


3. American Environment Working Group "Skip the Radiation Shield-radiation shields such as antenna caps or keypad cover reduce the  connection quality and force the phone to transmit at a higher power with the higher radiation"

As above scientific research and authority proved that: Air tube earphone is the best solution to mobile phone radiation problem. Point 1-3 are good methods came up by world three electro-magnetic Wave research teams to insulate radiation


Prof. Anming Li 4. Pro. Anming Li, The Doctor In The Department Of Neurosurgery In First Affiliated Hospital Of PLA General Hospital, Talks About Safeguarding Radiation" 


5. Ibrain Not Only Is An AirTube Earphone But Also Has Four Unique Inventions To Insulate Radiation. 

 Inventions to Insulate Radiation


6. Ibrain radiation proof eardrums are consistent with the physical analysis of science 

Ibrain radiation proof


7. Talking on the Ibrain wireless radiation proof earphone when driving is much safer, more convenient and more private ibrain wireless radiation


 8. Why Ibrain Radiation Proof Earphones Are Better?

Earphones Are Better



Watch this VIDEO to "Save Your Brain with Radiation Free Headphones" by Dr. Jerod Bergman!


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